Hiya, I'm Nick and I'm one of the Bull's Scout Leaders. I have been involved in scouting at Waltham Abbey since 2005, when my son joined as a cub and I volunteered to be a Parent Helper. I have had a very happy and rewarding time in scouting. I have run the Bulls Troop since it was created in 2007, with the help of Ken and Maureen Stanger, who have been involved in scouting since 1988. We are here to offer your children the opportunity to experience activities and adventures such as camping, rafting, sailing, survival skills and much more. Scouting helps young people gain confidence and develop skills such as teamwork and leadership. It gives them the opportunity to reach their full potential.



Welcome to the webpage of the Bulls Scout Troop.

Scouts is for young people (boys or girls) aged 10¼ to 14. The Bulls meet every Wednesday evening (except during school holidays) at 7.15pm in Elphwood Hall and finish at around 9pm.

Troop Leader - Nick Harvey 07739 710280


Our subscriptions are simple. Completely new to our troop, then subs are free for the first two sessions, then on after it's £3.00 per week regardless of attendance or not. This is paid in advance in a lump sum at the start of each school term.


District Night Hike
13th/14th October 2018

Our team of five completed all eight bases over six miles to gain third place. There were twelve teams that took part. Our team were the last to leave and were fifth to finish.

Nick Harvey
Ken and Maureen Stanger


Rememberance Day Service
12th November 2017

The 15 scouts who attended the service and afterwards paraded along with other youth groups to Market Square.

Nick and Mandy Harvey
Ken and Maureen Stanger

Cavalcade of Lights Parade
24th November 2017

Our Scout Group won this year's walking prize of £500. Dressing up as a Ghost Train.
Sponsored 10 mile Walk (October 2017)
Six of our scouts completed a sponsored walk from Ware in Hertfordshire, back to their scout hall, to raise funds for their summer camp next year. Starting off at 9.40am, they arrived back at Elphwood just before 4pm.
Optical Illusions - (L) February 2017 (R) May 2014
We asked our scouts to bring in their cameras/mobile phones and create an illusion.
Brass Monkey 2017
Our team of six finished in third place. This was their first ever survival camp.


----------------Troop Videos

Summer Camp 2014 - Brownsea Island. The Bulls troop standing on the spot where Lord Robert Baden-Powell held the first scout camp.
June 2013 - Thirteen members of Bulls Scout Troop, spent a night outdoors sleeping ‘rough’ in cardboard make-shift shelters. These Scouts and their leaders were sponsored by their friends and family to raise money in aid of the charity St Mungo’s. Sponsors included parishioners of Waltham Abbey Baptist Church and local business Advance Insurance Services. “Altogether we raised £600. Our scouts thoroughly enjoyed the event and have been educated into an awareness of the lives of those less fortunate in society” says scout leader Nick Harvey.

The photo shows the cheque presentation to St Mungo’s.

Photo: Michael Bird Photography
Summer Camp 2013 - Belgium
2012 was our troop's fifth birthday
Water activities
2012 was our troop's fifth birthday
Cooking outside on open fires
Old News
For the 2015 Cavalcade of lights parade our scouts wore Minecraft costume.
A local visit to the Honey Lane Care Home. Where we spent an hour chatting to the residents.



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