Patrick James Smith

b: 05/04/1953
d: 25/01/2011

Patrick 'Pat' James Smith was a long serving leader at Elphwood. Pat had a vast knowledge of scouting based skills which he passed on euthusiastically to both the youngsters and his fellow leaders. Sadly Pat is no longer with us, and in remembrance, we have decided to rename the cabin in his honour.

THE CABIN - known now as The Pat Smith Cabin.
Original photos of May 2010 (awaiting new photos)

The Cabin has three enternal sections.
A small rear storage room, a small utillity area and one main classroom.

There are two entry doors, one to the side and one to the front. Both have secure vandalproof grills to prevent unauthorised entry.


The classroom has adequate lighting and electric heaters.




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Cabin History

The group acquired delivery of the cabin on the 26th of May 2010. The cabin was kindy donated by local business Apollo.

It is currently positioned on four concrete footings and has had a complete refurblishment.

It has been secured from vandalism by the installation of secure grills on all windows and doors.

The roof has recently been renewed with new roofing felt, gutters, and downpipes.

During May 2014, the inside was repainted in preparation for our third scout troop.