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Section Leadership

Sections are run with a leadership of two adult. The two roles are Section Leader and Assistant Section Leader. The Section Leader is responsible for the section and the responsibility of the volunteers who help within that section.

Running a section is sometimes hard work and is very demanding, but is extremely rewarding, fun and exciting too. The Section leader cannot run a section to a safe and satisfactory standard without extra help from adults.

Every person over 18 years of age who wishes to be around our young people, either on a regular basis, overnight on a residential activity, must have a valid DBS {The Disclosure and Barring Service} certification. This is a free check that can be completed online through our Group Scout Leader. A school DBS is not sufficient for working within a Scout Group.

Parent Guides

The Parent’s Guides are designed to give parents a brief introduction to the section, explain the types of activities young people take part in and highlight the skills young people will gain.

Parent guide to Beavers (pdf)

Parent guide to Cubs (pdf)

Parent guide to Scouts (pdf)

The Yellow Card (pdf)

Section Assistants

Section Assistants are adult volunteers who assist the Section Leader and Assistant Section Leader in delivering the programme to young people in Scouting

They must successfully complete the appointment process (including acceptable personal enquiries and acceptance of The Scout Association's policies).

They must complete the 'Getting Started' training requirements and undertake regulated activity.

Their tasks are - to help run games and activities as part of weekly section meetings and other section events, assist young people to achieve badges and awards and assist the section with taking part in a varied, exciting and safe programme of activities.

This may seem at first glance a very demanding role; it is not. The whole process is relaxed and welcoming, we strive to make your life as a volunteer as enjoyable and fun as the young people encounter.

Nobody will expect a volunteer to take on this role as soon as they walk through the doors. Most adults start off as a Occasional Helper or lesser role first, and after gaining a few months leadership experience, find they then want to take a more senior role.

As a Section Assistant, they will be encouraged to wear our uniform and their years of active service will be officially recognized by the Scout Association.

Occasional Helper

Occasional Helpers are adult volunteers who assist the Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders in any way they can.

Occasional help is what they do, when and where they are required most. They can help as often as they wish but we do ask that they help at least once every month.

They do not need to complete any training, although free training is provided and will be very useful to them. Uniform is not compulsory, although our young members do respect our adult volunteers more seen in a uniform.

Your active service in this role will only be recognized by the section leadership team, who will treat and respect loyal service as any other volunteer.

Parent Rota Scheme

Some sections who are often short of adult help, place parents, carers and even grandparents on a list, whereby they can be called upon if required. This is called a Parent Rota.

In this role we look for skills that can help the section. For example - Firemen, Paramedic, Police Officer, Electrician, Builder, Carpenter etc. Although probably ever parent helper will have a skill that can help their section.

Parent helpers are restricted to the amount of days per month they can help their section. This is because their role is not official and does not follow the same rules as a Section Leader, Assistant Section Leader or Section Assistant.

Help by a parent present can be most valueable, especially in the very young sections where adult to child ratios matter. Just an extra adult being with the section on a walk round the local area can be a tremendous help to the Section Leader.

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